_ Text of Lucas Lathouwers

The impression of a part of a body with the imprint of another part of a body
The title might be seen as a lengthy aphorism of action necessitating reaction. However, as seen as an attempt to connect a series of paintings it is more like a chain of interconnected consequences appearing in a not necessarily logical progression. Orderly disarray generating chaotic order.

The seemingly innocent figurative style combined with abstract constructions has a hidden dual complexity that manifests itself in a broad and subtle use of the color spectrum. The aforementioned complexity or nontriviality derives from the interplay between visual impressions and associated imprinted emotions. As eyes register the brain is informed of an opportunity to speculate about initial thoughts and end results. Such a dualistic introspection is far from simple and deserves or maybe even forces the spectator into an analytic rollercoaster of the collection.

Can one typify the artists incentives and its results on canvas? Hardly, because even if one could devise a measure of any kind it would not be possible to calibrate it. The core motivation of Guy Van Bossche lies in a quite private, humble and sometimes unavoidably disguised capacity ... the quality of his own discomfort ...